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Rethink it on the exhibition "La décadence"

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Some of the works that Tjen and Frank made during the Rethink it-project, are in the new exhibition of artikel 27 (see www.artikel27.be ).

Tjen created a new composition, to rearrange the different project imputs.

Thanks to all!



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Europeana: think culture

Europeana.eu is about ideas and inspiration. It links you to 6 million digital items.

Belgium explained

 at last, after this short film, everyone can understand Belgium and the Belgians ... Enjoy!




"Our time" together

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I have some pictures from our wonderful exhibition, but more is needed to be able to make exhibition also to our website. The atmosphere in Forssa museo was difficult to capture, but it is certainly something that will stay in our minds. Some of the clocks are still seen during this summer. Thank you for everybody - our time together is interesting also as a picture.

Hei from Forssa.

Mitä kuuluu. So here I am again with the rest of the story. We took the bus from Helsinki to Forrsa. Amazing... woods and woods and woods. Some of our Belgians were here earlier in winter and they are amazed to see so many lakes, cause they weren´t there in wintertime. Forssa is a lovely town, based on former cotton industry. Again they did a great job in renovating the old factory into something totally contemporary. Our hotel is a lovely building with lots of charms, and we were all pleased after the sterile rooms of the Cumulus Hotel in Helsinki.

Finnish adventures...

So we went to Finland on this rainy morning in June. We just had Belgian parliament elections, which gave us enough talks on the train to Brussels. With some delay in Riga we finally ended in Helsinki. Two days to explore the city. My first impression was the emptiness of the city. This doesn´t look like a European capital at all, cause I´m used to busy Western capitals like Brussels, London and Paris. Streets are so broad here, there are so many open spaces and traffic is so little.

17. June 2010 Forssa

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Hello everyone!

It is really wonderfull , that You all are here in Forssa!

Wellcome again and then to Naantali and Turku area also and see The Moomi.

Love Leena


Wellcome to Forssa. Forssa is a small town in south Finland. We have almost 18.000 inhabitans.

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